May 23, 2016

Phantom Of Death Haunts Bloggers by Pulack Ghatack

This is a collection of a 6 part report by Pulack Ghatack, Senior Reporter of The Daily Observer.

Phantom Of Death Haunts Bloggers-Part-1
Who is next target?

Phantom Of Death Haunts Bloggers -Part-2
Complaint to police raises risk

Phantom of Death Haunt Bloggers - Part-3
Believers, non believers alike in trouble 

Phantom Of Death Haunts Bloggers-Part 4
Scared bloggers fleeing country

(The Hit-List)
Phantom of Death Haunts Bloggers-Part 5
Militants' hit-list preserved with police 

Phantom of Death Haunts Bloggers-Concluding Part
Terror tactics aimed to gain political power

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